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Welcome to the Pokémon Battle Circuit Association: The World’s authority for competitive Pokémon battling! The association is host to 3 Competitive Leagues: from the Pokémon Amateur League(PAL), The lowest professional league. Teams in this division can hold open tryouts to collect and mold both Trainers and Pokémon to compete for the Chance to Promote their team to the next tier of competition, The Pokémon Battle league(PBL). The PBL is where the Majority of Professional Battles take place with in with the largest amount of teams at 20 while the other leagues have 10. The teams here will compete to climb to the highest echelon of competitive battling and have their team join the Champions League(PCL) and avoid relegation back to the PAL. The Pokémon Champions League is the Gold Standard of Excellence, both trainer and Pokémon compete alongside each other to claim the Champions Cup!

The story here follows a team’s journey through the ranks of The Association: The great triumphs, the shocking defeats, training and everything else those of Quest Club will go through on their path to become the best!

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