Claw and Shell Smithing

Claw and Shell Smithing is a Quality weapons shop Where Both Professionals and enthusiast shop for weapons The store is run by a Trio of Siblings, The Stones. The have Crude, Simple and Fine Quality Items for sale normally and can commission a nicer piece be made for them.

Weapon Costs
Base Cost is for Crude, x1.5 for Simple, x3 for Fine

Hand Weapons -500
Finesse Weapons -1000
Arcane Weapons -1500
Thrown Weapons -500
Long Range Weapons -1500
Polearms – 1000
Chain Weapons -1200
Paired Weapons -1200 for pair
2-Handed Weapons -2000
Calvary Weapons – 2000

Armor and Shield Costs

Light Armor – 2500
Ablative Armor -1000
Heavy Armor -5000
Heavy Ablative -2000
Light Shield -2000
Heavy Shield – 3000

Claw and Shell Smithing

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