Stein Sturluson

Genius and Madness are often confused


Standing at 6 foot 3, “Franken” Stein Sturleson, as his colleagues reffered to him, can be found usually wearing his lab coat with black and grey shirts and dark gray pants. Snow white hair and usually seen with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. His glasses tend to take up most of his face and glare the sun or light source so no one sees his eyes unless he wants them to. There are scars that suspiciously resemble stitches running up his left arm. When asked about them, he usually responds with " I wanted to see how the muscles worked." In a nonchalant tone of voice. He has taken a liking to researching Ghost type Pokemon.

Character Sheet


Dr. “Franken” Stein Sturluson was raised with an interesting wonder of science and the occult. His mother was attracted to the occult and his father was a well-respected scientist. Born and raised in Unova, Stein’s parents were often away, such to the point that he learned all he needed of both the occult and science in the vast library his parents kept. Often times, because of his parents being away on their various research trips, Stein would tell people that his mother was a Dullahan, and his father was helping her find her missing head.
It wasn’t until he came in with stitches up his left arm that people began to worry about the young genius. When asked about them, he simply responded with “I wanted to see how my muscles and tendons worked. You can only see so much from a book.” Disturbing as it was, he eventually was given the title of doctor, namely in a study of his own design of occult science. He believed that most of the occult was simply science that was yet to be proven. It was through this that he developed a love of Ghost type Pokémon. His goal was to have a team full of Ghost Pokémon, that weren’t typically Ghost typed. He has also about perfected his physiology transformations for these types of Pokémon, testing it on his team.
He hadn’t attempted the Unova circuit but came to the Battle Summit to test his theories of Occult Science and collect his Ghost typed team. His first partner, his Eevee Marie, would be by his side along with Gill”otine” his Totodile, and Spirit a Cubone. He hopes that the Battle Summit would be a grand test of his intellect, and allow him time to spread madness to his enemies.

Stein Sturluson

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