Skylar Faust


Originally from Opelucid City in Unova, Skylar (usually called Skye or simply Faust) grew up admiring the dragons that made her city famous. She moved to the Illigo region when she was young, but kept up with every single battle from the Gym that she could watch on tv.

Seeing how dedicated she was to Pokemon, her father gifted her with a Gible egg on her 10th birthday. Once she hatched, Skye immediately started an intense training regiment, pushing the little dragon as hard as she could, and maybe a little beyond what she should have. However, Lamia relished the challenge, and has grown to love a great fight.

A Cranidos and Charmader joined her ranks after a few years, and after much research into Pokemon physiology, with her father’s help, Skye managed to find a way to cause a change within the two Pokemon to make them more draconic.

Skye is very excited to try her hand at the League and show off her and her Pokemons’ hard work.

Character Sheet


Current Roster:
Lamia the Gible
Cinder the Charmeleon
Thorne the Cranidos

Skylar Faust

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