Ramona Stroud

"It's not a cheap shot if you don't get caught"

Ramona is a small, slim girl, perfect for being a ninja. She has short blue hair unlike her sister’s purple and she is full of energy. Her Blue eyes match her hair and were once a major problem in her ninja training.

Born and Raised in Fuchsia City and trained alongside her sister Janine, by their father Koga. Older by only a year when they started training, Janine was always the favorite child in their fathers eyes, even if Ramona had more talent as a ninja… As she grew up in the shadow of her sister she grew into quite the trainer as well, and when time came for Koga’s gym to be taken over, he gave it up to Janine. This was the last straw for Ramona, who packed up and ran away from home. Years on the street were rough but she took to them well, honing her darker nature. When she heard about the tournament, she decided it was time to stop hiding and finally re-enter the world as herself again.


Character Sheet

Ramona Stroud

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