Alaina Falistar


A tall woman dressed in a long martial artists uniform. She has long black hair and gray eyes and often has a far off stare.


A young girl who lived with a sect of martial artists and trained at their dojo, unlocked her powers of warping through sympathetic typing. She was a natural with her powers after unlocking them. With her newfound ability and her previous training, she works to combine the two into a new fighting style. She has entered the league to use it as a training ground for improving her power and technique. Her long term goal is to hopefully open a dojo of her own and teach others like herself.

Character Sheet -

Character Theme -

Active Pokemon –
Bǎo hù – Wabbuffet
Shìbīng – Mienfoo
Máo – Beedrill
Huǒ – Pansear
Jīngshén – Golett
Zōnglú – Meditite

Stored Pokemon -

Alaina Falistar

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