Akio Feral

The Wild Beastamer, Disciple of Tarrakion


Akio dresses very loosely with just an open leather vest, cloth shorts, and a couple of belts with various pokeballs and tools on them. He has a small pack on his side that’s slung over his head and across his chest that holds all of his miscellaneous items, food and the like. His hair brown and has grown long and wild on top. Strangely, controversially to the hair, he has a calming air about him. He seems at peace wherever he is in his surroundings so long as it isn’t in the middle of a busy city.

His weapon of choice are claws that attach to gauntlet-like bracers.

Character Sheet

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Nature cannot be tamed. It can only be bowed with, accepted, and respected. She is an unforgiving mother who cares for only those with the patience to listen. I hope to inspire that in others before they find it upon being broken by Tarakion’s will.

Akio lived in the country and grew up in the wilds around him. He lived in a tumultuous part of the country where his parents were weather researchers, researching the extremes in their hometown. He loved nature, and grew to an understanding that humans must live with it, bending with it rather than replacing it. That research into learning more about nature will help that bending and will save lives. One year when he was 12 they visited his grandmother who lived in a city on the same continent. While visiting the city was attacked by Terrakion.

Akio’s grandmother was very spiritually minded and took the family to the local shrine to pray for spiritual guidance and protection. Akio’s parents instead ran to the local research station to learn more about the catastrophe, that st that time they thought might be an earthquake and to see if they could help. It was there at the shrine, Tarrakion bulldozed a way to it until reaching it. He did not damage any of the temple, and looked at the two people praying there. He snorted heavily, maybe in approval? Before continuing his mission in another direction.

The boy asked his grandmother what that was, and why this was happening. She told him of Tarrakion and the legendary pokemon’s mission. He understood this as people not bending to nature, and abusing it. He prayed harder at the shrine that he could be an inspiration to others to be able to remember this.

With his fondness for beast and more nature oriented pokemon, he decided from that moment on to head out and find pokemon that would be able to show the strength of nature, and remind people of their place along side it.

Akio Feral

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