Summit: Pokémon Battle Circuit Association

Setting the Scene

Welcome to Illigo! A massive region located West of Unova. The birthplace and epicenter of PBCA, the region is host to the premier Pokémon Battle leagues. The Battle Leagues are where Pokémon and Trainers, Battle to raise their ranking and bring glory to their Pokémon Club(P.C.). Trainers from all over head to Illigo to try their luck and train for a tryout to become part of this exclusive group, but the toll it can take on both trainers and pokémon can be devastating, ending many dreams before they really begin. To stem the tide of injuries and effect of many potential trainers catching too many pokémon in the area, Professor Sturdivant Sequoia, head of Research for the PCBA and Resident Pokemon Authority. Has mandated that only 3 pokémon can be registered to non-PBCA Trainers. This has brought the populations of native pokemon back to acceptable ranges and caused a slowdown of civilian injuries, but caused an uptick in illegal, “Midnight Circuits”, where hopefuls try pokémon battling first hand. These trainers often find themselves severely injured and unable to account for pokemon they say they captured.

The PBCA has also within the last decade created a Pokémon Amateur League(P.A.L.) for those looking to make a name in the PBL and to provide More structure to the farm system and prevent more casualties. This league allows them to improve and work toward their dream of becoming members of the PBL with a Promotion/Relegation(P/R) tournament, held at the end of the Season. The Tournament Pits the 2 Highest placed Clubs from the PAL and pits them against the 2 lowest clubs from the PBL with the 2 finalists being placed in the PBL for the next season.

Illigo is also a major Hub of Technology, helping create and innovate many of today’s most widely used devices and have even begun outfitting clothes with nanotechnology. A Pokemon researcher in the field of nanotechnology, Prof. Annalise Beech, has been implementing more nanotechnology into uniform after discovering Sympathetic Typing in human beings. In short, Sympathetic Typing is a trait that exist in all humans in varying degrees of dormancy. This trait takes form for most as a connection to Pokémon of a particular type, making it easier to interact with them. However, if the trait is strong enough, the nanotechnology available in the suits allows people to awaken that dormant trait and give people abilities akin to the pokémon they cherish. This Technology has been put to use almost exclusively in the PBCA to make Battles even more exciting, cause a massive spike in popularity to the sport and making the barrier of entry even higher for those potential candidates who want to try their hand at the sport.

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